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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of Life Mug

Enjoy your coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in this unique ceramic mug. This 11 oz. high quality coffee mug imprinted in our shops makes a great gift for any event or occasion!

Artist Commentary
“Mother of Life”
by Nellie Edwards

"Asked by several people at various times if I would do a new version of Our Lady of Guadalupe, my answer was always, "Why?...She left her own image (by God's power) and it’s quite satisfactory!” It seemed truly absurd to ‘go there’ and I absolutely ruled it out!

One day, about 30 minutes into a new work, which I thought would show Our Lady (in white) somehow showing concern for ‘an’ unborn child, a strong awareness came over me, that this had to be Our Lady of Guadalupe! I was stunned because that was definitely out of the question, as far as I was concerned! But soon, I realized that due to having her face profile already, I could show the full-termness of her divine unborn son, which is obscured, due to the draping of her garments in the miracle image left on the tilma of St. Juan Diego (the sash around her bodice meant she was ‘with child’). Another realization, was that Mary would be kneeling, in Adoration of her unborn savior-son!

As believers, we know that Adoration is about relationship with Christ, hidden under the appearance of bread and wine, just as he was ‘hidden’ in His Blessed Mother’s womb for 9 months. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us!

“Mother of Life” was requested by the Knights of Columbus for the cover of the 2012 Christmas issue of Columbia Magazine and many across the country are using prints as visual aids in the cause of Life."

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