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The how-to book of Sacramentals

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Here s a great source of information about your favorite sacramentals and ways to discover some new ones. And it s perfect if you re unfamiliar with these aids to prayer (and grace!) and are looking for a concise, accurate, readable explanation of what sacramentals are ... and aren t!In this complete guide you receive: A brief history of each sacramental Best ways to pray with a sacramental The traditional prayer associated with a particular item or action Suggestions for incorporating sacramentals into one s own prayer life and daily routine An explanation of indulgences.Discover how to: Determine which sacramentals best fit you Deepen your appreciation for a favorite sacramental Take a second look at a sacramental you ve used in the past Explain to a friend or family member why Catholics use sacramentals Help a young or newly baptized Catholic learn how to take advantage of these tremendous sources of grace. Author: Ann BallPages: 336 pages, paperbackPublisher: Our Sunday VisitorISBN: 1592760961

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