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Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II for the Year of Eucharist: Stay with Us, Lord (Mane Nobiscum Domine)

Mane Nobiscum Domine. A reflection of Pope John Paul II in preparation for the year of the Eucharist (October 2004-2005). The document is centered around the Gospel narrative of Jesus appearance after Easter to the two disciples on the way to Emmaus. Even today amid our questions and difficulties, and even our bitter disappointments, the divine Wayfarer continues to walk at our side, opening to us the Scriptures and leading us to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of God. The document expresses a summary of Eucharistic theology. It encourages us to open ourselves up to the dimensions of the Mystery of the Eucharist and not reduce the Eucharist to our own dimensions. Some topics addressed include: the Eucharist as meal and as sacrifice the Eucharist as expression of the fellowship which God wishes to establish with us and which we ourselves must build with each other the eschatological aspect of the Eucharist the mystery of the real presence Eucharistic communion as both the source of and ecclesial communion ecclesial unity and its greatest manifestation the Eucharist celebration as a charge to work for the spread of the gospel the Eucharist as that which provides the interior strength needed for the Churchs mission the Eucharist as a mode of being and the impulse which the Eucharist gives to the community for a practical commitment to building a more just and fraternal society. Author: Pope John 

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