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Catholic Annulment: Spiritual Healing by Dennis and Kay Flowers

Catholic annulment is often viewed as an obstacle to marriage or a formality of cannon law. Few people realize that annulment is more than just a process--annulment leads to healing. The authors draw upon their own experience of Catholic annulment to describe not only the procedure but also the peace it brought into their lives.

Beginning with the process of annulment, the book presents a section of frequently asked questions, such as: What is the cost? How long will it take? Then the book explains why an annulment process is necessary, and tells how to find a procurator to initiate the annulment process. After discussing the process, the book considers the healing aspects of annulment. Healing must include forgiving others and yourself for all past pain and sorrow. The last chapter of the book discusses how to deal with your children after an annulment.

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