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Eucharistic adoration: Reflections in the Franciscan tradition

This book provides Catholics who pray before the Real Presence with a new and unique resource to deepen their adoration experience and do so within the Franciscan tradition. Each of 52 reflections for Eucharistic Adoration--one for each week of the year--features four parts that address the spiritual advice of St. Clare to gaze, consider, contemplate, and imitate Christ. Each reflection encourages us to:

Gaze upon Christ, using a quote from a Franciscan source, primarily the letters of Clare of Assisi, but also the writings of St. Francis.
Consider Christ, using a brief reflection that will inspire you to reverence the Real Presence, the Body and Blood of Christ. 
Contemplate Christ, by praying a few lines that help you go deeply into the spiritual experience of adoration.
Imitate Christ in your daily life with a challenge to act like Christ after time spent in adoration.

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