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Fit for eternal life: a christian approach to working out, eating right and building the virtues of fitness in your soul by Kevin vost

Is your spirit faithful but your flesh flabby? Has your Temple of the Holy Spirit begun to creak and crumble? Then let Fit for Eternal Life show you how to build it up again.

Most any workout book can help you bulk up or slim down, but only here will you find a truly Christian approach to physical fitness. As psychologist and bodybuilder Kevin Vost explains, God's command to Be perfect applies not only to the moral life, but to the physical life too: for the stronger, more enduring, and more beautiful we make our bodies, the better we imitate Christ in whom perfect strength, endurance, and beauty were incarnated. And it doesn't take a lot of time or fancy equipment to do it!

Dr. Vost explains the basic principles of strength training and cardio fitness in a way you can understand (even if you haven't been in a gym for years or ever), and then helps you build an effective, personalized workout program that can be performed in as little as twenty minutes per week. That will leave you lots of time (and more energy) to be an active parent, spouse, and disciple.

This book also gives you:

*Sane and simple dietary tips that don't make you swallow supplements or count carbs;

*Ways to make your workouts an opportunity to practice prayer, meditation, and meritorious suffering;

*Fitness wisdom from classical philosophers, athletic popes, and even St. Thomas Aquinas!

More advanced information and techniques, for when you're ready to progress beyond the basics.

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