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Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life by Johnnette S Benkovic

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Women of Grace Study Series Women excerpt a powerful influence in the home, the workplace, in the public square, in family faith formation, and in parish involvement. They must be grounded in their own faith so that they can heed and respond to Vatican II's call to "aid humanity in not falling". Johnnette Benkovic, host of The Abundant Life on EWTN, has developed this small-group study program to catechize all women so they can heed God's special call. It is faithful to the Magesterium, and has received the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. This study is based on Johnette's book, Full of Grace, and is infused with Sacred Scripture, magesterial teaching, Church doctrine, and the Catechism. Women will grow in knowledge of their faith, deepen their prayer life, meet a variety of women saints, and come to see the Blessed Virgin Mary as their exemplar. This study will teach all women to embrace their gift of authentic femininity and their dignity as daughters of God. The lectures are all recorded by Johnnette Benkovic on DVD or VHS tape. This life-changing program can help catechise all women, and is an excellent addition to any Adult Faith program!

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