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God's Mercy revealed: healing for a broken world by Peter Magee

God s mercy hounds us, seeks us out; like rays of light seeping through cracks in the closed door of a darkened room, it draws us to that door, on the other side of which Jesus gently calls in the hope that we will open to him.

One of the worst effects of sin, Msgr. Magee tells us, is to make us think that God stops loving us. In turn we resist him, giving into a gnawing reluctance to believe that his love is unrelenting, forgiving, ever faithful, always persistent. We have a crazy distrust of the mercy of God. At the same time, we want to dodge the truth of who God is and what he requires of us. But as God s Mercy Revealed demonstrates, it is the truth alone that brings our wounds and pain into the light where mercy heals. Both truth and mercy are essential; both are names for God s living love for his people.

In compassionate, straightforward language, God s Mercy Revealed explores humanity s sorry path to nowhere as revealed in our willingness to distance ourselves from our Creator. Instead, the author urges us to close that gap, aware that even though sin might separate us from God, nothing stops him from coming close to us. 

An inspirational guide to embracing the truth and receiving the Divine Mercy that never fails.

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