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Grace before Meals: Plentiful Blessings from the Redemptorist community by Serafino Fiore

Thanksgiving and blessings for the nourishment of body and soul. and #xD; and #xD;One of the key goals of Saint Alphonsus, founder of the Redemptorist congregation of priests and brothers, was to help people learn how to pray in a very practical way. In addition, Saint Alphonsus had a profound love for the holy Eucharist, and prayers before meals are an excellent way to connect the everyday experience of eating to the presence of the Lord in our daily lives. and #xD; and #xD;Based on the Rule of Life of the Redemptorists and Scripture, these prayers are grouped according to the liturgical year with additional prayers for feasts and days important in the life of the Redemptorist community. and #xD; and #xD;Grace Before Meals: Plentiful Blessings from the Redemptorist Community is a perfect way to begin conversation about faith and Gospel while sharing a meal. 

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