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Mary's life in the Spirit: meditations on a holy duet by George T Montague

How did Mary, filled with grace since her conception, live her life in the Holy Spirit? How can she teach us to do the same? Popular author Fr. George Montague, a Marianist priest and a highly respected biblical scholar who has been involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1970, is uniquely qualified to address this topic. In short meditations, Fr. Montague focuses on various aspects of Mary’s life and the Spirit’s involvement in each of them. He also reflects on her collaboration with the Spirit in building up the Church as well as her various apparitions. Stories and examples of modern-day believers show us concretely how Mary can influence our own spiritual lives and deepen our own experience of the Spirit.

--Readers will enjoy the author’s clear and engaging writing as well as the depth of his reflections.
--Each meditation ends with a prayer, helping the reader integrate the reflections into his or her own prayer life.
--Makes a great gift. 

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