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Saint Rose of Lima: The story of the First canonized Saint of the Americas by Mary Fabyan Windeatt

"The child's name is Isabel! That's all there is to it!" Grandma Isabel's voice showed she was in no mood for argument. But Rose's mother was just as insistent: "Her name is Rose!" "It's Isabel!" "Rose, I tell you!" "Isabel!" Mary Fabyan Windeatt Sometimes Senor Flores lost patience with his wife and mother-in-law. "Call the child anything you like," he pleaded-"only let a man have some peace in his own house!" The matter of Rose's name finally got settled, but then there were other things to cause puzzlement and misunderstanding. Why, for instance, did Rose have to turn part of the house into a hospital? And why did she want to live in a tiny little hut in the backyard? Why didn't she just go to a convent and become a nun? This book gives the answers. It also relates what happened when Rose tried to become a nun, describes how she cared for the sick, and tells what happened in the end to Rose's mother. All in all, this is the beautiful story of the little Rose of South America, the first canonized Saint of the New World.

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