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Spiritual Blueprint: how we live, work, love, play and pray by James L Papandrea

Do you feel your life is fragmented, disorganized, chaotic? That your mind is always racing, that the pace of life is overtaking you? Best-selling author and lecturer James L. Papandrea helps you simplify your life, reduce stress, and understand your higher purpose by taking inventory and rebuilding the five homes of your life:

Body--a peaceful haven for your soul
Hands--meaningful work that fosters dignity and doesn't create anxiety
Heart--a welcoming place that nurtures loved ones and a community of friends
Mind--a reflective outlet for creativity
Spirit--a tranquil place of Christian grace 

If even one of the homes is unbalanced, harmony and peace can elude you. Contentment and meaning come only with order and structure in all five homes. An integrated workbook walks you through the steps to identifying your strengths and weaknesses. If you're seriously interested in spiritual growth, changing negatives to positives, and reclaiming your higher purpose, Spiritual Blueprint is for you.

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