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The ABC of worship - Mass appeal

"Mass Appeal" is the perfect aid to help you learn the basics of the Mass--and to have a greater appreciation of the richness and depth of Catholic worship. This booklet will guide you through the Mass, whether you are attending one for the first time or whether you have been going for years. "Mass Appeal" explains the fundamentals of the Mass and where they come from in Scripture and Christian history. It shows how the parts fit together and what they mean. It also offers important practical advice about how to deepen your understanding of Catholic worship. Ideal for use by individuals, classes, and small groups, "Mass Appeal" contains helpful information, including an outline of the liturgy and the ways you can find the meaning of almost any term connected with the Mass. If you wonder what a particular part of the Mass is named, or what is the significance of a certain action or prayer, "Mass Appeal" will tell you. It is an ideal tool to assist anyone who wants to better know and to benefit from the treasure that is the Mass.

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