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The Church and New Media: Blogging converts, online activists, and Bishops who tweet by Brandon Vogt

Facebook has over 750 million users. Twitter hosts more than 350 billion tweets each day. Today alone, people will view more than two billion videos on YouTube. And in the past year, Americans sent 1.8 trillion text messages.

We're experiencing the most explosive communication shift since the printing press.

What does this mean for the Church? 

How can Christians harness these new tools to reach out, to teach, to cultivate community, to change the world?

Following Pope Benedict's call to set sail on the digital continent, The Church and New Media explores the benefits and dangers of New Media, while guiding Christians through this new digital landscape. The book features more than a dozen contributors including:

-- Cardinal Sean O'Malley, O.F.M. Cap. with the book's Foreword
-- Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan with the book's Afterword
-- Brandon Vogt on "the digital continent" and New Media's benefits and dangers
-- Fr. Robert Barron on engaging the secular online world
-- Jennifer Fulwiler on blogging her way from atheism to Catholicism
-- Marcel LeJeune on using New Media to connect young adults with the Church
-- Mark Shea on the benefits and perils of blogging
-- Taylor Marshall on using New Media to unwrap ancient truths
-- Fr. Dwight Longenecker on ecumenical dialogue through New Media
-- Scot Landry on New Media in the diocese
-- Matt Warner on New Media in the parish
-- Lisa Hendey on growing online community
-- Thomas Peters on faithful online activism
-- Shawn Carney on how the world's largest pro-life movement was built using New Media

100% of the royalties from this book will be used to establish school computer labs throughout the Archdiocese of Mombasa, Kenya.

Find more information, endorsements, and bonus resources at the book's website:

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