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The Crucified Rabbi by Taylor R Marshall


"Taylor Marshall helps us to be more Catholic by taking our faith to its most profound depths - its ancient roots in the religion of Israel, the Judaism beloved by the Apostles, the religion of the Temple and Synagogue, the Torah and the sacrifice. Jesus said he came not to abolish that faith but to fulfill it. In this book, we see that fullness down to the smallest details. I treasure this book." -Mike Aquilina, author of The Fathers of the Church 
"Such sparkling insights appear on almost every page, as Taylor Marshall deftly compares various features of Judaism to their Catholic counterparts: the priesthood, vestments, holy days, marriage, and saints, to name but a few. Saint Augustine's dictum, "The New Covenant is in the Old, concealed; the Old Covenant is in the New, revealed" is on full display inThe Crucified Rabbi." -Cale Clarke, Catholic Insight Magazine 
"This is a fascinating book full of interesting details. The Crucified Rabbi should be required reading for every student of the Catholic faith." -Father Dwight Longenecker, author of Mary: A Catholic/Evangelical Debate 
  • How does Jesus fulfill over three hundred Old Testament Prophecies? {over 300 Hebrew prophecies of Christ and the Church listed inside this book} 
  • Is Catholicism inherently Anti-Semitic? Do the Hebrew Scriptures accurately predict Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah?
  • How does Jewish thinking presuppose devotion to Mary?
  • Is the Catholic Church a fulfillment of historic Israel?
  • How do Jewish water rituals relate to Catholic baptism?
  • Is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass a Passover meal?
  • Should the Catholic priesthood conform to the priesthood established by Moses?
  • How has the Jewish Temple influenced traditional Christian architecture?
  • Does the Pope wear a yarmulke?

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