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The everything Bible book by Rev. John Trigilio and Rev. Kenneth Brighenti

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For centuries, the Bible has served as a moral compass and a source of God’s word. Packed with stories of mystery, intrigue, and inspiration, the Bible is also valued as sacred literature. Unfortunately, disjointed narratives, confusing language, and an innumerable cast of characters can make reading the Bible a challenge for many people.

The Everything® Bible Book is a lucid and richly detailed guide to the history, literature, stories, parables, and personalities of both the Old and New Testaments. From Genesis to Revelations, Abraham to Paul, this book covers the various theories on the origins of the Bible, compares the different editions, and describes in detail the Bible’s culture and times.

This highly accessible book also includes information on:

·All the books of the Bible and their content 
·The various translations and versions 
·Interpretations of the Bible through the ages 
·Comparisons of the gospels 
·A book-by-book reading plan

Filled with easy-to-follow information and fascinating historical perspective, The Everything® Bible Book is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to unravel and understand the complex mysteries of the Good Book but is intimidated by the prospect.

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