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Today I Made My First Communion by Dianne Ahern

Written by Dianne Ahern

Illustrated By Bill Shurtiff



First Communion Day is one of the most exciting days, if not THE most exciting day, in the life of a young person. Memories of this day often outlive memories of birthdays and Christmas days. It is at this time that one begins to question and understand the Mystery of the Eucharist. Today I Made My First Communion, is both a storybook and a keepsake book to commemorate a First Holy Communion. The storybook section uses the curiosity of children and a touch of who-done-it drama to help a First Communion class develop an understanding of their faith. Best friends Maria and Riley venture into the church alone and a little unsure on their way to First Communion class. As the weeks progress, their comfort grows along with knowledge of the Church and its teachings. However, they struggle to solve the Mystery of the Eucharist. It takes a devoted parish staff, a lot of prayer, and some help from above, but they do resolve the mystery and joyfully make their First Holy Communion. Look in the Back of the Book is referred to throughout the storybook. It includes descriptions of the Church, the Rosary, parts of the Mass, and lists familiar prayers and the commandments. Several pages are set aside for Memories of My First Communion Day to record the events of this special day and to insert pictures and other mementos.


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