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Unabridged Christianity: Biblical Answers to Common Questions about the Roman Catholic Faith by Fr Mario Romero

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St. Paul writes to the Christians living in Corinth that there is "one Lord, one faith, [and] one baptism" (Eph 4:5). What St. Paul is saying is that, since our one Lord (Jesus Christ) instituted only one Church (cf. Matt 16:18-19), that one Church holds only one faith (i.e., has distinct set of beliefs.) If one browses through his hometown phone book, one will likely discover scores ofdifferent Christian denominations, most with their pastors holding doctoral degrees in Scripture claiming to be "led by the Holy Spirit" in their "plain, straightforward interpretation the bible.." The teachings of these various Christian denominations vary widely on many crucial issues of doctrine (cf. the Introduction section of this book.) Since every Christian should desire to follow Jesus Christ as intimately as possible, he should long to hold fast to the one faith that was taught by Jesus and the Apostles and to belong to the one Church that was historically instituted by our Lord Himself. The question t every thinking Christian must eventually ask is: "Which one of the thousands of differently-Spirit-guided,' 'Bible-based' Christian Churches in existence today (which run the theological and doctrinal gamut) is the one historically established by Jesus Christ Himself?" Since contradictory teachings cannot simultaneously be true, which Christian Church has the of the Truth proclaimed by Jesus and the Apostles? This book is an attempt by Fr. Romero are some of the Scriptural and historical "evidence" that the contemporary Roman Catholic Church and the Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ circa 30 A.D. is one and the same. Using some of the commonly-heard misconceptions about the Catholic faith as points of departure, Fr. Romero examines various key passages from Scripture, looks at historical documention found in secular sources and; at the end of each chapter, presents quotes from the first generations of Christians

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