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When Mormons call by Isaiah Bennett

When Mormon missionaries come to your door, they have an agenda. They want to give you, your spouse, your children (anyone who will listen), a course of six lessons crafted to get you to abandon the Catholic faith and embrace the Mormon religion. Perhaps people you know (friends, colleagues, relatives) have started the Mormon program of indoctrination. Perhaps they are about to abandon their Catholic faith. Can anything be done? Yes! In this brief but thorough book, you will discover everything you need to rebut what the missionaries say in their six pre-packaged lectures. Armed with this information, you can pull back Catholics tempted to join the Latter Day Saints. Isaiah Bennett dissects the 25 topics covered in the missionaries' lectures. Using his inside knowledge of Mormonism, Bennett packs each short section with the facts you need to show Mormonism's dangers to the people you care about. Each section is filled with Bible verses, passages from Mormon writings, and study pointers. "When Mormons Call: Answering Mormon Missionaries At Your Door" is an easy-to-use handbook that will put missionaries on the defensive. It will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to defend the Catholic faith and demonstrate the errors of Mormonism. 

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