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Why is God Punishing Me? by Rev Joseph M. Esper

 Why is there suffering? Why is there illness, misfortune and death? Have we done anything to deserve these things? We often have a difficult time coping with suffering, pain and sorrow. If we turn to the Bible with these questions, we discover some very important points. Fr. Joseph Esper offers Why is God Punishing Me? Coping with Suffering and Guilt as a way of helping you work through your feelings and fears about suffering. There may be times when the idea of Divine punishment creeps in. The Bible clearly shows that God's judgments always flow from His saving love.

Our God is a loving and forgiving Father. We must remember that such a Father will provide His children with firm but loving guidance. Human suffering clearly has a greater role and meaning in God's plan than simply being a punishment for sin. It can produce in us perseverance and character and refine our faith. It can serve as an opportunity for us to offer up our sufferings that they may be meritorious and redemptive.

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