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With God in Russia: A Grave in Perm - DVD

Well known for his heroic story of surviving 23 years in Russian prison camps, this film about the great Jesuit, Fr. Walter Ciszek, traces his incredible endurance and struggle for survival. It highlights his tremendous faith in God, and the remarkable impact his life has had on the resurgence of Catholicism in Russia, as seen with on location footage from Russia.

Sent to Poland as a missionary in 1938, Fr. Ciszek was caught between the Nazi invasion coming from the West and the Communist invasion coming from the East. With permission from his superiors, he made his way into Russia, offering secret Masses for the oppressed Catholic population. But soon he was arrested by the KGB, accused of spying, and sent to the Gulag prison system in Siberia. For the next 12 years, thee was no word of his whereabouts, or even if he was still alive.

It wasn't until 1963 that Fr. Walter Ciszek was finally allowed to go home to a country that he had not seen for 25 years. His incredible faith and trust in God have made an enormous impact on Catholics in Russia today.

The cause for Fr. Ciszek's canonization was opened in Rome in 1990, and continues to move forward. Diocese of Allentown  2002

Running Time: 30 Minutes

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