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Year of faith prayer book

A special collection of prayers on the themes of the Year of Faith

Taking the main themes for the Year of Faith-the Catechism of the Catholic Church as the Deposit of Faith, the relationship between personal faith and Faith of Church- this prayer book invites the faithful to engage in Pope Benedict XVI's call to a Year of Faith and for a mature understanding of the Church and themselves.

This booklet contains prayers and devotions to be used daily, and for periodic prayer and reflection. The reader is invited to become involved in praying for the Church, the faithful, the world, and for the kind of ‘conversion' that Pope Benedict mentions in his documents on the Year of Faith. Prayers include:

Novena to Faith, Hope and Charity
Prayers for the faith of younger generations
Parish for your Parish
Devotions to the Blessed Sacrament 
The Rosary 
The Stations of the Cross 
And many more


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